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Revive a Drain specialises in providing 24/7 blocked toilet repairs, replacements and new installations  throughout Melbourne & suburbs. Whether the toilet isn’t flushing or the water won’t stop rushing, call us today to book an appointment and we can be there within the hour.

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Our licensed plumbers work 24/7 & provide same day service so you don't have to spend too long with a leaking or blocked toilet.

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We Can Fix Your Blocked Toilets Fast

If there’s one essential item in your home that you use on a daily basis, it’s the toilet. A blocked, damaged, or leaking toilet can be a nightmare to deal with and often unpleasant too. It’s even worse when you discover the problem too late, accidentally press ‘flush,’ and have to deal with the ensuing flooding.

Never fear, Revive a Drain’s prompt plumbers can instantly be on their way. Toilet repairs & blockages are at the top of our list when it comes to our emergency plumbing services in Melbourne and we deal with them every single day. It’s not something anyone wants to ignore so we make it a priority. 

Whether it’s a blocked loo, leaking cistern, or your toilet just isn’t flushing properly, get it cleared, repaired and under control today. 

Our plumbers use the latest in drain cleaning & toilet repairs technology allowing us to employ quick and easy solutions so your toilet is back up and running in no time.

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Our Toilet Repairs in Melbourne Can Save You Money

A leaking toilet can be one of the biggest water wasters in your home. Over time, even a leaky cisterns adds up to buckets of water wasted each week. This costs you money and can significantly increase your water bill. 

If the problem get’s worse or it’s “fixed” incorrectly, they can even compromise the structural integrity of your home and cause potential health risks to your family. Also, an overflowing toilet can flood your bathroom & cause damage to your floors, walls and cabinets – all expensive fixes.

In the majority of cases, toilet repairs are best left to the professionals unless it’s an easy DIY solution (for instance, a simple plunger job for a blocked toilet). Repairing a toilet isn’t easy – there are a lot of moving parts. 

Parts like the ball or flapper valve, water inlet pipes, flushing mechanism or flush pipe rubbers, when damaged, can all cause problems and unless you know how these parts work together, it’s difficult to come up with an effective solution.  

95% of the time we can fix your toilet by replacing essential parts and/or re-sealing certain areas. This is a lot cheaper than having to replace your toilet altogether or calling in a toilet plumber later because further damage was caused by attempting to repair it yourself. 

If a new toilet installation is necessary, of course, we can do that too.

In any case, we’ll explain what the problem is, advise you on our recommended solution & quote appropriately BEFORE we do any work so you’re not hit with any nasty surprises.

We help our Melbourne residents with the following same day toilet repair services every day:

  • Leaking toilet repairs
  • Leaking cistern repairs
  • Blocked toilets
  • Toilet replacement if it’s beyond repair
  • Fixing the flusher when it’s malfunctioned
  • Silent toilet leaks (you might have this if your water bill has suddenly increased)
  • Emergency overflowing toilet plumbing
  • External leaks in ceramic pan or rubber seals
  • New toilet installations for new homes and/or bathroom renovations

Nonetheless, our plumbers are experts in this area so give us a call today. 

Common Problems

The most common problems we deal with are blocked toilets because something was flushed down that shouldn’t have been, and leaking cisterns which are usually caused by worn parts that need replacing. 

Other common toilet repairs we encounter include:

  • Toilet bowl constantly filling up with water – this could be because of a cistern that’s constantly running, something that’s been stuck somewhere in the pipe, or a faulty part, like the inlet or outlet valves.
  • Toilet leaks behind the bowl – generally caused by worn rubber gaskets and an easy fix. 
  • Sewer blockage issues – if you’re toilet is constantly getting blocked, it’s a sign there’s a larger issue. And most of the time, that’s in the sewer. In these instances, specialist drainage equipment is needed to assess the pipes and provide a solution.

Remember, if you have a blocked toilet, be sensible and DON’T keep flushing! This will only cause further issues, overflow and flood the bathroom. No-one wants this happening, including us!

While you wait for us to arrive, here are a couple more things to keep in mind to prevent potential damage:

  • Place paper towels or newspaper on the floors around the toilet to absorb anything that overflows
  • Open the windows and/or doors to ventilate the room. This may be required later anyway, if any chemicals are used.

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Tap Repairs Melbourne FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on a number of factors, like the quality of water running through the toilet and how many people are using it, so it’s hard to give a definite answer. But roughly, a regular household will normally get 4-5 years out of their toilet parts.

If you can stop the flushing with a jiggle of the handle or button, it’s a problem with the chain controlling the flapper. Replacing these parts will usually solve this. If it’s got nothing to do with the handle or button and continues to run regardless, it’s likely the cistern is leaking somewhere.

Of course! We can replace any part of the toilet that’s broken.

If you’re toilet is continually getting blocked, it’s a sign there’s a bigger problem. This could be with the sewerage, an item stuck deep within the pipes (e.g. a toy or a roll of toilet paper), or tree roots managing to get lodge somewhere. In these cases, it’s wise to call in a drainage expert (like Revive a Drain’s plumbers) to find out exactly what the problem is using CCTV cameras. 

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No :-). We have a $0 call-out fee policy.

Fast is our middle name. We have plumbers on standby 24/7 throughout Melbourne & suburbs so we can get to you within 1 hour.

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